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07 Sep

Now, in the last few years Hollywood has done a bit to improve the area.. Well, back in the mid 90’s it was every bit as grungy as it had ever been.Homeless people everywhere, middle-aged drag queens, sketchy characters all the way around.trying to be sneaky and will lie their face off if confronted.

Really it’s more like 55-65% when you factor in that there is a very narrow ‘rich’ upper-class and not much of a middle-class as you see in a 1st-world country. Fresh off the plane with pockets of cash and not a clue where to go, what to do and you could sure use a friendly face to guide you around.I know a woman who has had her pursed dipped into so many times..even in her own home, from unscrupulous relatives and visitors it is unbelievable. There is a pervasive mentality among the poor that if they perceive you as ‘rich’..it’s okay to steal from you because, ““.But the brother or sister of his, or the maid in the house..they will steal the shirt off your back in a New York minute.