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27 Jan

The Government has since 2010 dramatically slashed grants for building homes for social rent while concentrating on the more expensive “affordable” rent model.

This has increased overall housing output but also housing costs for tenants.

Social housing has also been sold off under the Right to Buy programme, with an estimated 40 per cent of council flats sold under the scheme now rented out by private landlords across the UK, according to research published earlier this year by Inside Housing magazine.

Critics of the Green Belt policy, introduced in the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act, say it restricts the supply of homes in areas of high demand and created artificially high house prices in cities.

When the policy was first introduced councils built large numbers of homes for rent, but this construction has dropped off dramatically since the 1980s with private developers now responsible for construction.

Supporters of green belts say the urban sprawl built in the 1920s and 1930s did not produce liveable communities and that housing can be built in a properly-planned way without getting rid of green belt laws.

We will initiate conversations and listen to what fans have to say because you are what make this show so awesome.In London, the £76,957 salary required would put someone in the top 4 per cent of earners - everyone earning over £76,010.The Starter Home scheme also only produces homes to buy, while increasing numbers of people are forced to rent in the private sector.The “Starter Homes” scheme involves private developers building new homes for people to buy; these homes are 20 per cent cheaper than normal homes to buy because of a small government subsidy.The housing charity Shelter however calculated that families on average earnings would be priced out of the homes in 58 per cent of council areas by 2020.