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Results: Seventy-five participants completed the survey. Of the participants 39% report controlling their diabetes with diet and exercise; 68% with oral medicine and 49% with insulin; 66% have knowledge of fasting blood glucose and 69% have knowledge of A1c levels.

Forty percent are interested in attending a diabetes education class. Melanie Tucker Background: Physicians are viewed as credible sources of health information, and the office an opportunity to share information about dietary modification.

Arm 1: All residents were encouraged, but not required, to use the CDC quiz with each of their patients.

Arm 2: One faculty member and one resident will use the CDC quiz with each patient.

The retrospective chart reviews took place in August 2015 and schedule for February 2016.

The answer choices ranged from 1-6 to correspond to the following options respectively: don’t know, never, rarely, sometimes, often, and always. Due to recurrent fever and renal US, ceftriaxone 100mg/kg/d started. Patient discharged with antibiotics for diagnosis of viral infection vs UTI. This case demonstrates value of follow-up for treatment and diagnostic purposes.Results: Final study results are pending based on the final retrospective chart review.The intervention took place in August 2015 and 27/45 (60%) of the residents attended.Of the residents, 25%-50% marked “don’t know” if their patients adopted any of the recommended diets and 38%-50% reported their patients “rarely or never” adopt any of the recommended diets. Also negative ANA, enterovirus PCR, anticardiolipin, antiphosphatidylethanolamine, viral respiratory panel and stool enterovirus. In addition, there are different pap collection fee codes for the different carriers.The only diet reported being adopted “often” was the Dash diet at 12.5%. If a visit is incorrectly coded, reimbursement may be denied by insurance carriers.