Andrew bynum rihanna dating

27 Jul

Rihanna was discovered by Jay-Z at the age of 14 who said “I signed her in one day.It took me two minutes to see she was a star.” She has four Billboard Hot 100 number ones thus far as a solo act “SOS”, “Umbrella”, “Take a Bow”, “Disturbia.” She has one additional number one singing on T.We've done a lot of important research to catalog Rhi Rhi's full athletic dating history and preserve it for future generations.Former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Andrew Bynum was spotted having dinner with Rhianna in April 2009. She has always pushed the envelope since her rise to fame with topless magazine covers, wild fashion choices and accumulating a lengthy list of famous exes.While she's definitely hob-nobbed with plenty of celebrities, it seems like her real type is jocks.Bynum’s playing it the right way, not divulging any information to the paparazzi. Clippers star Baron Davis’ celebrate his 30th birthday — and danced, sipped Grey Goose and flirted with Davis and his teammates all night.” So that does say the two were flirting, right? To use Ben Maller’s line, the good part about Baron for Rihanna is that the Clippers don’t beat anyone.

Rihanna, who was rumored to be dating Wilmer Valderrama as well as “Bromance” star Frankie Delgado, is now being linked to NBA player Andrew Bynum of the L. A source reports that they looked "very couple-y, sitting real close to each other in the car." Chris Brown has been rumored to be dating Girlicious singer, Natalie Mejia as well as Erica Jackson, an ex-girlfriend he had in Virginia.

Whenever Brown makes a move, Rihanna mimics it right after.

“There is no truth to the rumors about Andrew and Rihanna,” the rep says.

Just make another trip to the Playboy Mansion, I’m sure there’s another Playmate there that wouldn’t mind being saved by a 7 foot champion!

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