Are jonathan and charlotte dating

07 Aug

“They’d never let me put my i Pod on at house parties, let’s put it that way,” she says in an accent that only slightly betrays her Essex background.

Growing up in an ordinary working class family (her parents split when she was ten although she appears to have dealt with this well), Charlotte was clear that she wanted to be a performer even as a four-year-old when she started weekend stage school, the very same school where she eventually started teaching a few years later.

Subsequent stories of his struggles with depression and even suicide painted a gloomy picture.

Jonathan freely admits that he was that person - before adding with a beaming grin, "but that's not me now."Strong, articulate and surprisingly playful and sweet, he was an absolute pleasure to hang out with as he promotes his debut solo album Tenore.

But Jonathan told me that "our time came" and the partnership ended earlier this year so that both could pursue their solo careers.

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It was a duo that took the 2,000-strong audience by absolute storm during their initial audition on Britain’s Got Talent, bringing everyone, including the judges, to their feet within seconds.

When she decided she wanted to go to a performing arts school full time from the age of 16, not only did she have to leave the house at 6am, getting back past 8pm, she also had to work eight-hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays in a high-street clothes shop to pay for her fares. Having sold hundreds of thousands of albums and filled concert halls together with Jonathan, she’s now embarking on the solo career of her dreams.

The debut solo album she’s been working on showcases her three great loves: musical theatre, contemporary pop and now, thanks to Jonathan, classical.

Nothing acrimonious, it’s just that as solo singers that had come together for a particular show, they were coming from different places now - and wanted to go to different places.

They’re still firm friends and still live ten minutes up the road from each other.