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16 Oct

But Tracy's attempt to deal with the situation results in Tee getting injured, and she is forced to reconsider her future at the Dumping Ground, whilst Johnny realises he has anger problems.

Meanwhile, Liam and best friend Frank try to make money by selling copies of Tracy's book, but the books end up being taken away to the recycling centre.

Tracy then finds a letter from her real mum in the filing cabinets in the office that was hidden when Tracy was in the Dumping Ground and which Mike and Cam have been hiding for years.

Liam returns to the Dumping Ground after being kicked out by his foster parents, and Lily is jealous when Carmen begins mothering Poppy and Rosie.

Tracy Beaker has published a book, but later she is arrested by the police for using Cam's credit card to publish it.

Following an incident with her foster parents about the custody of Rosie and Poppy, Lily is sent back to the Dumping Ground.Departed: Jessie Williams as Lily Kettle, Claudia Colling as Rosie Kettle, Katie Anderson as Poppy Kettle.Gina is out, and Mike is sick leaving Tracy in charge of a night shift.Can Tracy resolved this problem or will she get sacked?Tracy finds stolen video games in Sapphire's room and soon discovers they don't belong to her.