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22 Aug

Carson, meaning ‘child of Carr’, was originally used for boys, but is used for both genders now.Carys is a beautiful and rhythmic Welsh name, meaning ‘love’.A lovely gemstone name with an equally beautiful nickname option, Gemma means ‘gem’. Hiva, a Polynesian name, meaning ‘a song to sing’, will appeal to musical parents. An excellent way to pay homage to your native Ireland.Isla, meaning ‘island’, is the name of a Scottish river. This old-fashioned botanical name is trending upwards ever since Jay-Z picked it for his daughter.This moniker is best known for its association with cowgirl Dale Evans. The Irish name, meaning ‘little great one’, was once popular atheist boy name, but works better on girls now. So pick the Russian name Duscha, which means ‘happy’.Dale means ‘valley’.[ Read: Musical Baby Names ]This Scottish name, meaning ‘from the field with the water’, is a major city in Texas. This lovely name, meaning ‘valley’, was picked by James Brown for his daughter. If you want to establish a connection between your daughter and the world she’s in, pick the name, Eartha. This sparingly used name, meaning ‘benevolent’, would make an ambisexual alternative to Ella.From five to eight percent in the 1980s, the number has now increased to 16%. Since most of the traditional names are connected to religion in some way through definition, origin or direct association, it does get a bit challenging to select a good, non-religious name.

This evocative southerner name was picked by Art Alexakis, the Everclear frontman recently. This Hebrew origin name, meaning ‘chestnut brown’, is the name of a place in California.What if they want something that is unique, secular, and non-conformist?Research conducted by Pew Research Center found that the number of atheist and agnostic people is growing steadily in the US.It’s now considered one of the trendiest baby girl names. It means ‘bright strength’.[ Read: Hawaiian Baby Names With Meanings ]If Lily isn’t your cup of tea, pick Calla, which literally means ‘beautiful’Capri is an Italian name, meaning ‘fanciful or unpredictable’.The only catch is that it could be associated with women’s garment.