Auctioneer market price not updating

29 Jul

Reserve price auctions can be a confusing topic whether you're an e Bay seller or a would-be bidder or buyer.Though they're not the majority of auctions on e Bay, reserve price auctions are common enough and useful enough that you'll likely encounter them eventually.For these reasons, it's generally good policy as a buyer to bid on a reserve auction only if there is a compelling reason to do so: a lack of competing non-reserve auctions for similar items, for example, or superior seller feedback that justifies the inconvenience and uncertainty.

When a seller lists an item for auction on e Bay, they are given the option to supply e Bay with an optional "reserve price" for the item.The first method, used when clicking the "Scan" button or the "play" button from the "Scan Control Console", located in the upper left of the "Browse" frame, takes about 10-15 minutes, all depending upon the number of items/pages on the Auction House at a given time.When using the "fast forward" button, from the "Scan Control Console", your client pulls the entire Auction House contents at once, so the scan is extremely fast, taking roughly three to five minutes to complete the scan and the statistical processing.A: If you're the high bidder on an auction that has ended and the listing shows that the reserve price was never met, you're likely out of luck.The seller is not obligated to sell you the item in question at any price, much less the closing price of the auction.