Cameron diaz dating

27 Nov

She recently said she is not actively searching for a man to spend the rest of her life with.“I don’t think you find them, I think they find you,” she said.Has Jason Segel found a new gal pal in Cameron Diaz?The two, who costarred in 2011's "Bad Teacher," were spotted out together Tuesday in East Hampton, N. "They were at [upscale eatery] Nick and Toni's and seemed to be on a date," an eyewitness told the mag.

Richie and Joel Madden’s son Sparrow fulfilled the ring-bearer responsibilities.

"It was one of those things where everyone tells you, 'You just know when you know,'" she explained. "The first thing I said when I first met my [would be] husband was, 'He's hot,'" she confessed. We had never been in the same circle."The couple didn't formally meet until she hosted a dinner party at her house with Nicole and Joel. " The two hit it off and began dating, and the rest is history!

You just know when you know.' Like you're my husband."Although she knew Benji's sister-in-law, Nicole Richie, and his brother, Joel Madden, for a couple of years, Cameron and Benji didn't really cross paths.

In addition to a sharing a cozy meal, Diaz and Segel were also seen food shopping at Citarella market in the same area.

"They bought groceries and then drove off together," an eyewitness on Instagram revealed. News the 40-year-old actress and the 33-year-old "How I Met Your Mother" star were "not romantic at all towards each other, very casual and friendly." Diaz has been in the New York area for the last few months filming "The Other Woman" with Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Taylor Kenny.