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02 Jul

Meanwhile, college student Maria (cute Susan Hemingway) is already being held captive, chained by her neck with a cup of water juuust out of her reach.

For entertainment, the warden has her brought to where she and Vernon are dining, and offers her something to drink in exchange for some muff-munching.

" and "Well, at least they showed torture of women in a mainstream movie! In fact, it is what is paying our bills until the legal crap gets settled.

" There were a lot of WGOs (Wasted GIMP Opportunities) but I liked the part where they showed women being suspended and (supposedly) tortured by mechanical devices (see URL above). The cliff notes version of the story goes something like this: my ex/biodad is being a poopyfuckfuck, is suddenly taking issue after four years with my vocation, has remarried into money, his new wife thinks I'm Satan, and she's bankrolling my demise :) I am in a prolonged custody battle to retain custody of my children. If you would like to purchase a custom, please contact me at [email protected] She will be around for a few days, so if you want to see a Rockstar custom with the two of us (or even a three girl custom featuring myself, Jasmine Mendez, and Kimberly Marvel) contact me ASAP!

And also wrote: Perhaps someday we can get a member of the Gimp party in the White House... I say, let's aim high - a GIMPer in the White House in 2012!

I can't help but wonder who she bribed to have the test results come back clean... I figure by now her blood content would consist of alcohol in place of all the white blood cells, and coke floating around replacing her antibodies.

* * * * * Wednesday Harrington: Welcome and thanks for posting.

It sucks about your ex but this forum is probably a good target audience for soliciting custom shoots. I'm probably as guilty as anyone else of getting off-topic, what with the Lindsay Lohan Career Death Watch and all. The movie opens with a covered truck barreling down a narrow dirt road.

Hey, thats how anyone wouldve interpreted her orders, right?

So its off to the big house and into Cell Block 9 for our trio of lucky ladies.