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26 Jul

Then he wanted to know if Mitchell had been drinking (he had, but he was the passenger.) After Gibson ran Mitchell’s driver’s license, he ordered him out of the car, took him to the back of the Impala, handcuffed him and searched his pockets.(Under Florida’s stop-and-frisk law, police have the right to temporarily detain a person if they believe that person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime.Police Chief Mike Classey says his department has been collecting statistics specifically on the area he refers to as the “Mayport Corridor,” which includes Black Pine, because of an effort dating back to 2008 to address prostitution and drugs.The ABPD assigned a community police officer to the neighborhood to get to know its residents and to understand their problems. There was a 25 percent decline in crime from 2008 to 2010, and it has stayed down.It is also the filter through which the police regard black men. There’s always a reason.” This unease led to a testy neighborhood meeting on July 8, hosted by the SCLC at the Voo-Swar Restaurant & Lounge on Robert Street, where residents loudly voiced their concerns to JSO Assistant Chief John Lamb (who later likened it to a mob mentality) and several officers who patrol Zone 2. 25 Sheriff John Rutherford did a “community walk” through Black Pine, in which he said the JSO’s activities to combat drugs and prostitution there — including stopping people for petty offenses — were par for the course throughout Duval County. But let me say that every officer here knows that I expect them to be professional. Ellis cried out in pain and then heard a cracking sound. “He’s being this nasty to me, I wondered what other charge he might put on me if I tell him he did something wrong,” Ellis says. In his incident report, he said he smelled alcohol on Ellis’ breath.

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Gibson first told the men he wanted to check the window tint on the Chevy Impala that Kelly had just bought.

To many Americans — even those who themselves occasionally indulge — the fact that Mitchell had pot on him is proof enough that he was a suspicious character who deserved to be search.

But Mitchell sees this as an example of an overzealous cop using the pretext of tinted windows and a decade-old conviction to go on a fishing expedition. 15, Mitchell filed a complaint against Gibson, alleging that Gibson violated his right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

declined to pay what it believes to be exorbitant prices for public documents.

Since Black Pine falls within the city of Atlantic Beach, the city maintains a database of incidents in the community.