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05 Feb

As we've reported in the the Fix, sex addiction is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a diagnosable disorder.

It made an appearance in the 1987 version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), but has subsequently been removed.

The list of behaviors associated with a sexual addict is so mundane, practically anyone can tick off at least a couple. "If you’re married, your acceptable sexual behavior may be defined differently than if you’re single,” says Mike Weiss, a certified addiction therapist and founder of The Sexual Recovery Institute.

“Sexual addiction follows a certain repetitive pattern; if you’d rather ask forgiveness than permission, that’s abusive." Compulsive sexual behavior, the clinical phrase for sex addiction, is what experts call a "progressive intimacy disorder," meaning that it worsens the longer it's left untreated.

I have to say some of these answers cracked me up as well so I hope you enjoy the read! What has been your favourite thing about me being pregnant?

The excitement of starting a family, the house being amazingly clean and organised due to your constant nesting, you’ve started cooking amazing dinners for me as you are off work .

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all well on this chilly Friday and looking forward to the weekend.Frank too, has remarried, and continues to be part of his children’s life. First agrees that compulsive sexual behavior is characterized by the same hallmarks as any addiction: escalation of behavior; loss of control; preoccupation and obsession; tolerance and withdrawal symptoms; and increasingly disastrous consequences. Similar to a Sugar daddy, except a Coco Daddy has a penis made of chocolate that ejaculates money.Being told we couldn’t have sex until your placenta had safely moved out of the way (a punishment neither of us was happy about). You are quite a worry wart, although a lot better than you used to be, but particularly at the beginning you were constantly on edge and would think the worst, such as when we had a scare at six weeks and when you had reduced movement later in the pregnancy.Although you absolutely did the right thing getting yourself checked out and having medical reassurance, it can be a bit irritating that you don’t stay calm and think rationally – you tend to go into panic mode.