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02 Dec

"I was a punkrocker for a while, and he reassuredme it was probably just a phasethat Levi would grow out of.

"But I don't feel it is like the punk rockmovement.

It is something that Lorraine Harrison is all too aware of.

She hasthree daughters, the youngest ofwhom is 11-year-old Levi, a girl whoclasses herself as emo.

While there is a multitude of reasonsfor this epidemic (exam-related stressand bullying to name but two), it ishardly surprising that the emergenceof a sub-culture that appears toglamorise self-harm and even suicideis being regarded with alarm.

Inevitably, criticisms of emo cultureare laughed off by those who considerthemselves to be at the heart of it.

"I managed to keepcalm and explained to her that people'sminds are very disturbed, andoften they don't really want to die.

"Emo hasbecome an easy target for ridicule likethis; but the bottom line is emotionaldoes not mean suicide." That is true, of course.

Her favourite T-shirt is patterned with skulls, and shespends hours in her room listeningto music by My Chemical Romance."Their lyrics seem to be associatedwith depression and self-harm, and I feel shock when I listen to them,"says her mother.

"Levi seems tohave gone from being a lively girlwho enjoyed having friends around,to someone who has become quiteintroverted."When the topic of suicide wasraised, Lorraine became so concernedthat she telephoned Levi'sfather, David, from whom sheis separated."He reminded me that I used to bea rebel, too," she says.

That was about a zestfor living and seeing life from adifferent angle.

We didn't harp onmiserably about dying."Efforts to snap Levi out of heremo torpor have so far met withlittle success.