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29 Nov

Meanwhile, I had my fickle head turned every which way by the gorgeous men who stepped over my poor, plain accountant husband to flirt with his perky young wife.

I ended up leaving him for one of his rivals: a banker with blond hair and chiselled features who was introduced to me by a female friend.

The fatal flaw in our relationship was I blossomed to become so much better looking than he was.

My poor ex couldn’t cope with living in my shadow and constantly felt jealous and insecure.

Needless to say, my lothario soon gave me a taste of my own medicine, driving me insane by chatting up other women.

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Our readers will benefit greatly from her work."Ioffe joins at a time of record audience growth.

When things started to go awry with a boyfriend, I never felt remotely inclined to try to work through any problems. As a beautiful woman, I never had that fear I would be left alone.

There was always another charming, handsome replacement waiting in the wings to offer me the heady excitement of a new relationship.

’After a few agonising months, I was left nursing a bruised ego when he moved on to someone new — and yes, she was gorgeous. But I am far from the only attractive woman to have messed up her marriage by being too pretty for her own good.

A study published this week grimly notes that being beautiful is a ‘relationship liability’.