Dating guy female friends

05 Feb

Second, it means, or should mean if he’s not a hypocrite, that he will be comfortable with you having close male friends, and my friends are far too important for me to abandon or avoid some of them just because they’re male.

I know some people would say “my husband’s my best friend, so I don’t need anyone else! I don’t know how these people function, but even though my fiancé is of course my best friend I still need my non-romantic, close friendships with people who are not family in my life.

That’s how you get these “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” situations, where women tell each other that all men are dogs, while men tell each other that “bitches be crazy”.If you have an unattached female and male, I think sexual tension is always there. Because the men have seen how strong and determined the women are and because the women see and feel how hard the men work alongside us, a true appreciation for one another has developed.Typically the reasons they are "friends" is because one of them doesn't want more. We hang out together and truly enjoy eachother's company without any weirdness!So I’m going to go ahead and say it: Not only should you be OK with dating a guy whose best friend is a woman, you should actively look at strong friendships with other women as a major bonus in a guy.Follow Laura on Twitter and Facebookor visit her blog.