Dating madame alexander dolls

28 Oct

Following this success, Madame Alexander paid tribute to the headline-making birth of the Dionne Quintuplets.The dolls created to represent the babies were one of the Madame Alexander Doll Company's greatest successes of all time.We have fashion dolls dating from the 1960-present.Madame Alexander, Alex, Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth and Ready-to-Wear fashions, Tiny Kitty; Mel Odems Gene, Madra, ; Violet. Gene's Outfit Good-bye New York 2-piece suit with fur accents, jersey blouse, matching fur hat and muff teardrop earrings, scatter pin with chain.1930's - A period of transition and invention for Madame Alexander Dolls During the Great Depression, Madame Alexander first began producing dolls made of composition.The company's first famous composition dolls were released in conjunction with Walt Disney's The Three Little Pigs in 1933, and the two enterprises began a lasting partnership.Madame's next inspiration came from reading a new novel written in 1936 by a southern writer - Margaret Mitchell.Gone with the Wind so captured Beatrice Alexander's imagination that she created a Scarlett O'Hara doll.

It is entertaining to reflect on the fabulous makes of old-world dolls that might have come into Mr. Lavishly dressed dolls by Bru, Jumeau, Simon & Halbig, and Armand Marseille could easily have been the little patients that Beatrice studied in their silks and plumes, satins, laces and velvets.

Also available, Vogue's Jan and Jill, Miss Revlon by Ideal, Miss Nancy and many others. The Princess Diana Doll shown was made before her death. 16" Jackie Onasis In beautiful white gown with shawl Loose near mint doll w/ SIX NRFB fashions All fashions include original shippers fashions are: "State Visit to Mexico" "Embassy Dinner Pink Gown" "Christmas at the White House" "Canadian Mountie " "Yellow Gown Ensemble" "France State Visit" Original retail value would have been over 0!!

To understand how Madame Alexander came to hold first place in the hearts of generations of doll collectors, one has to travel back to the world of dolls in which a little girl named Beatrice Alexander grew up.

Oliver wears a pale green velveteen jacket and has a mohair wig.

On the back of his jacket the label reads "Oliver Twist, Madame Alexander, New York." Such dolls are rare and highly collectible now in the 21st century.