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19 Sep

She was considered to be a good sea boat with a smooth roll—attributable to her tumblehome sides.In an effort to extend her range, Rossia was built with an unusual machinery arrangement.Excellent breakfast and security/concierge staff, great selection of breakfast, presence of security/concierge at entrance to the hotel, quick and professional check-out but not check-in Great view from the room not far from the metro-tube station park pobedy~ Beautiful park of victory few minutes walk from the hotel with a lake that u can hire a boat or have a great walk I very much enjoyed my stay at Rossiya, the ladies at front desk were very nice and the typically pretty RUSSIAN LADIES...spoke English very well and they understood my SOUTHERN drawl speaking...

There are single rooms - 53; single semi - deluxe rooms 4; doubled rooms 43; three persons rooms 6; four persons rooms 3; doubled semi - deluxe rooms 10; deluxe 2.

This gave her a radius of action of 7,740 nautical miles (14,330 km; 8,910 mi) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph).s main armament consisted of four 8-inch (203 mm) 45-caliber Pattern 1892 guns, one at each end of the ship on each side, sponsoned out over the tumblehome of the ship's sides. The guns could be depressed to −5° and elevated to 18°.

They fired 193.5-pound (87.8 kg) projectiles at a muzzle velocity of 2,950 feet per second (900 m/s) which gave a range of 12,000 yd (11,000 m) at 13° elevation.

They encountered a Japanese squadron of four armored cruisers between them and their base shortly after they turned around.

The Japanese sank the oldest Russian ship, Rurik, and damaged Rossia and Gromoboi during the Battle off Ulsan, but both Russian ships were repaired within two months.