Dating simplicity vintage patterns

06 Sep

64’s are pretty desirable too and all of these fall into what is commonly referred to as the “Golden Era”.

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In the 1920s, selected patterns had full color illustrations on their pattern envelopes.Ebenezer Butterick launched The Butterick Company in 1863 to create heavy cardboard templates for children's clothing.Butterick's innovation was offering every pattern in a series of standard, graded sizes.To market these latest European styles and her patterns of them, the couple launched a magazine called “Madame Demorest’s Mirror of Fashion” in 1860. William Jennings Demorest and Ellen Louise Demorest began the home sewing pattern industry in 1860 by holding fashion shows in their homes and selling the patterns. Patterns were of unprinted paper, cut to shape, and could be purchased "flat" (folded), or, for an additional charge, "made up" (with the separate pieces tacked into position).