Dating site sign up by moneybookers

09 Jul

I have read several other complaints about this, however, they in most cases got their money back. I uploaded 0US into my account with Moneybookers then they locked the account and will not reply to any contact with them, I have been emailing them now for months and they never reply to anything. I have never heard of this company before and all of a sudden i get charged out of nowhere. Read elsewhere that was hacked for customer information but I don't know that for sure.I talk to one of their representatives and they couldn't find my name in their system, now they want me to call back tomorrow to look it up by account number.I couldn't do it today because apparently their system is under maintenance. On top of that, Pay Pal users can withdraw their Pay Pal balance on their bank account or credit card.The affiliate programs that pay with Pay Pal are an excellent way to fill your Pay Pal account.They don't charge any commissions on your Pay Pal payments and you will receive the full amount earned in your Pay Pal account.Find below a list with the best affiliate programs that pay with Pay Pal.

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Knew instantly that it was a fraud but I am unsure of how they got my information.

A Moneybookers charge of 26.95 showed up on my bankcard.

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