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30 Dec

When he was done, he put out two cigarettes on my thighs.

I asked him why, and he said, “you owed me and you shouldn’t have fought.” – Anon I keep saying “you,” but perhaps it’s not you, because #notallmen, amirite?

– Kristine Be an ally to women, not just another adversary.

They get enough crap from police and security guards and church leaders and parents and significant others who think they were asking for the abuse. Put the blame where it belongs: on the perpetrators.

– Amanda I was just starting my career in fire/rescue and one of my substitute instructors began calling me and asking me to meet him outside if class as well as using me to demonstrate how to physically assess trauma patients.

When I refused his advances he began giving me failing grades.

I was told if I didn’t forgive him, he’d go to hell and it would be my fault, and that I owed him the freedom that being forgiven gives a person.

– Polly This article includes only a sample of the comments / messages I received.

It doesn’t matter if you complimented her, bought her drinks, took her to dinner, gave her a ride or made her a mix tape. On a date that was going not too well I decided to leave.

They’ve been hassled and catcalled and groped and stalked and even assaulted.

They’ve been told to smile and insulted for their looks and called a bitch and a slut and told to loosen up … Had a guy pull up to me in his car while masturbating when I was 18 and on my courier job.

A friend/coworker had the same guy approach her and when she called the police, the dispatcher just laughed.

– Stevie They have been treated like possessions by strangers as well as by men they know so many times that their lives can’t help be affected by it.