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21 Sep

Is knowing whether or not to look at the camera or to make sure you’re using a DSLR rather than your i Phone going to make the difference between a date on Friday and staying home to catch up on Fringe?Well, as it turns out: that all depends on who you’re looking for.Disclaimer: Facebook fans are important for brand building, but they aren’t that important – anymore.Ever since Facebook severely limited the organic reach of fan pages in the newsfeeds, the power of the “like” …

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He also gets points for wanting to go back to school, but loses points for wanting to be a Power Ranger (depending on how old he is).

Well, I enjoy acting and writing (I think I’m a better actor than I am a writer). I’ll talk your ear off when it comes to different geeky things that I obsess over or various TV shows that only lasted a single season. I’ve also thought about looking into working as a mortician. Jennifer: Having a job is good, as well as showing that he has plans for the future. Trisha Lynn: At first, I was going to take away points for misspelling “mutual teller.” Then, I actually Google-searched the phrase and found out that dude helps people place bets at a horse racing track!

Now that makes him much more interesting, even though my gambling obsession is small-stakes no limit hold’em.

As with the last time, I put out the call over Twitter and the Dr.

Nerd Love Facebook page for some volunteers who would be willing to subject themselves to the criticism, advice, and judgement of several friends of mine. Amanda: If you can’t describe yourself without sounding cocky or you have low self-esteem then you’re doing something wrong. I’m okay with what you wrote down afterwords until you get to the more random stuff like space ninjas, ponycorn, makka pakka.