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29 Jun

The source material for Gigi was Krumholtz’s fraternal grandmother, Martha Thaler, a woman who just loved making her son crazy.“She took a lot of joy in other people’s discomfort, specifically my father’s. That was true of all her interactions with a lot of people. She was extremely judgmental.”“A lot of this generation of women, come from that sort of more demure, almost ‘Mad Men’ archetype of women era,” he continued.She just liked to mess with him a lot, and in sometimes cruel ways. She never really messed with me.”But she wasn’t just mischievous to Krumholtz’s dad; she saved her best for the public at large. “They come from a place where they’ve always been sort of subjected to an overbearing male chauvinist environment in the workplace and at home.I mean everything from juvenile farting on him to as complex as like locking him out of his house, his apartment, and sort of forcing him to go get a key made and change the locks. “She was also the kind of grandma that would expose a boob. She just thought that was the funniest thing in the world. I think they get to a certain age where they just realize that they haven’t really lived or they haven’t really been able to express themselves, and what better time to get away with it than when they’re old and everyone’s willing to give them a pass.”The show is a hybrid of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”-style improvisation with “Bad Grandpa”-style interactions with people in the real world.David Simon’s latest city-wide chronicle examines 1970s New York from within and outside the emerging underground porn world.Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco lead a top-flight cast that also includes David Krumholtz, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Method Man, and Ralph Macchio.Summer TV might not be the endless field of tumbleweeds the landscape used to be a few years ago.

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There’s something just so unnatural and barbaric about having to wake up at two in the morning and go to work.It was across the street from a park full of drug addicts, frankly. “One of the things I kind of did to make it seem more real was I established with the people we were trying to fool or convince that the director and I didn’t get along,” he said.The first person, the very first person we went up to, was a crackhead prostitute, and I’m not joking, who was completely deranged and propositioned me in my makeup. “He would tell me to do stuff and I’d always be like, “Oh please, this guy, I don’t like him, he’s very demonstrative.’ They would be convinced, ‘Oh wow she doesn’t like the director.’ Meanwhile the director knew the whole time that it was a ruse and he played along.“It’s important for me to have a voice, to be a creator if you will, but at the same time, I do just enjoy being an actor. So really and truly, I don’t have any designs on any one particular thing.More than anything, the only rule that I apply to my career is just not to cover the same ground too many times.”He still loves to take character roles, but if “Gigi Does It” gets a second year, he’ll be more than willing to don the prosthetics again, not matter how much it drives him nuts.