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17 Nov

In the opening scene, Colonel Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis), a British Army officer, is returning home to Cornwall after the American Revolution.His father's estate is in desperate need of repair, and he is stunned to find that Elizabeth (Jill Townsend), the love of his life, has abandoned him.Just like the Winston Graham novels, we are frustratingly never given an answer and, as a modern viewer, that could not be more annoying and throws up a lot of questions. Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) explains that the child is 'cursed' suggesting things, unsurprisingly, won¹t be plain sailing in the future, however the amount of discussion about this moon grows tiring. He is seen looking through the window as an outsider as George attempts to send Agatha and, in time, his late cousin's son away. We want to see the old Ross, the Ross who stands up for what he believes in.During the instalment, he also makes a truce with new father George, with the pair and their families ruling to not be involved in each others' lives. Meanwhile, viewers are introduced to three new characters in the form of Demelza¹s brothers, plucky Drake and religious Sam (Harry Richardson and Tom York), as well as Elizabeth's cousin - Geoffrey Charles' governess - Morwenna Chynoweth (Ellise Chappell).He and Ross become enmeshed in an ongoing feud that lasts through the whole series.

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In a deep funk about Elizabeth's betrayal, Ross sets out to re-open one of the family's copper mines.Then there are the two trips he takes to Revolutonary France to rescue Dr.Dwight Enys (Richard Morant, Season 1; Michael Cadson, Season 2), a close friend who is in prison there.Or, rather, the brains behind its looks — because getting it on air takes a lot more thought than your average period drama.For one thing, they’re striving for accuracy, bless ’em, and this season that means trying to recreate the French Revolution.