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21 May

Except I'd replace the word 'whore' with a wordier but more accurate description: 'a woman who is sexually confident, adventurous and knows what she wants'.What's ironic is that women often suppress their adventurous side when they meet someone they really like for fear it will stop them being seen as 'wife material'.Women who men think are great in bed are open to ideas.But that doesn't mean they'll agree to all of them... If you send me a d ck pic then I m blocking you right off the spot. Looking to make more friends Interested in overwatch and art. I got a bf, and I m not dealing wit that shii today or anyday.

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Her parents said that no one had been using her phone and it had been switched off ever since she passed away.

The true definition of 'kinky' is something you don't fancy yourself.

Everyone has fantasies or predilections that are a bit odd, but we think of our own as 'quirky' and other people's as perverted.

I just got fooled by a guy a minute ago LOL Stranger: Well…

It’s not that I don’t trust you LOL Stranger: Well it sounds like ur calling me a liar You: No I’m not.