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23 Nov

Dr Maryanne Demasi Fast forward to today, and the Chiropractic Association still believes that curing deafness with spinal manipulation is plausible. that fellow lifted something he held, heard a pop in his back and then he became deaf, and, 17 years later, DD did something and his hearing came back.It would suggest that there was a relationship there. And there are neural pathways that run from where he was supposed to have been adjusted, up into the brain stem, that can impact on function.NARRATIONChiropractors have an important role in healthcare when it comes to treating musculoskeletal problems. Emeritus Professor John Dwyer It's the move into paediatrics, and the enormous number of chiropractors who are trying to set up paediatric clinics and claiming that they can cure a range of paediatric conditions, that is really troublesome. I didn't like to put drugs into their body if it wasn't necessary.NARRATIONThere have been reports that chiropractors are the new refuge for a range of health problems, like asthma, colic, reflux and autism. So, that's what I found with a GP, that they were very quick to just - quick - write a script and off they go.In his building worked a janitor who complained he was hard of hearing.DD Palmer decided to perform an adjustment on the man's spine, and, in a miraculous feat, claimed to have cured him of profound deafness.

NARRATIONUniversities are being accused of teaching pseudoscience. NARRATIONThis has the medical fraternity up in arms.During surgery, he deliberately scrambles the nerve signals to the spine, so that patients can get pain relief.Dr Michael Vagg We use spinal cord neuromodulators to electrically scramble the information that's going up and down the rear part of the spinal cord.Well, perhaps a brief history lesson may help explain where this came from.NARRATIONChiropractic therapy was founded in 1895 by an American magnetic healer called 'DD Palmer'.