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07 Oct

Mirrors are also now a lot easier to organize, as the need to host downloadable files has been completely removed.

This would in effect make it harder for copyright enforcers to curb piracy, even if the original web page with the magnet links is taken offline another is bound to spring up with the exact same content.

The switch towards trackerless technology using existing foundations like DHT and PEX protects the trackers by eliminating that initial .torrent file download, being able to discover peers in a completely decentralised manner and of course making it very difficult to keep a site distributing magnet links down for long thanks to the easy mirroring procedure.

It seems that the cat-and-mouse game played between filesharing advocates and the copyright enforcers is far from over.

So what does it mean for the army of Bit Torrent junkies out there? Magnets don’t operate in precisely the same way as standard .torrent files but it won’t take long for you to get your head around the new standard.

Magnets are not a particularly recent addition to the arsenal of filesharing technologies out there.

PEX is a similar concept to DHT except there is no way of introducing a new peer to the swarm (users sharing a particular torrent) without first communicating via tracker or DHT.

The tracker has offered magnet downloads for a good while now, but this is the first time we’ve seen such a large public tracker use embedded links exclusively.While this is true, it’s easy to change this once the torrent is on its way down.Perhaps the question should be “how does it affect the tracker?The parts that make up a magnet link do not need to be presented in any particular order.Here is the magnet link for Linux Mint listed on The Pirate Bay:magnet:?