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30 Apr

About 40 minutes later, we call her back as a different person and tell her we found her missing package.

The day after this call was made, Connie made her Twitter account private.

But do they really need to be calling up a business and pretending they know shit about cars?

This lady calls about an alternator and I politely tell her to have her husband call in.

” If you've enjoyed these prank calls, you might also enjoy our prank calls to Curtis the Superhacker, our epic night of prank calling Dino on his cordless phone, and some of our other prank phone calls.

If you like our prank calls, please share them as much as possible.

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They especially love to complain at company public relations Twitter accounts in hopes of having their issues resolved.Zig Zag Lines - After telling Jessica that I keyed her car in a violent mood swing, I come clean and tell her I’m just kidding and it’s just a prank call. Carrot Top - This lady isn’t very happy that Carrot Top wants her to leave her room at am so that he can have his favorite room, even when the front desk clerk offers to send Carrot Top up to help her pack.Entitled To Trash Bags - This guy calls the front desk and asks for some trash bags to be delivered to his room.On this page you will find your favorite pranks by the Phone Losers of America.Each section here contains just 3 prank calls, but includes links to many more prank calls with the same theme as that section, such as our Wal-Mart pranks, our complainer pranks and our Foursquare stalking pranks. 0,000 Mercedes - This guy is very proud of his expensive car and loves telling me the exact cost of it.