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11 Jan

The FCC first solicited bids for a new headquarters complex in 1989. The FCC had wanted to move into a more expensive area along Pennsylvania Avenue. Mc Ninch, Chairman Paul Atlee Walker, Standing (l-r) T. One was network option time, the culprit here being the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

Fewer than 1% of station renewals are not immediately granted, and only a small fraction of those are ultimately denied.Further modifications to promote cross-modal competition (telephone, video, etc.) were made in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, leading to the current regulatory structure.Broadcast television and radio stations are subject to FCC regulations including restrictions against indecency or obscenity.The Local Community Radio Act in the 111th Congress has gotten out of committee and will go before the house floor with bi-partisan support, By passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Congress also eliminated the cap on the number of radio stations any one entity could own nationwide and also substantially loosened local radio station ownership restrictions. Public comments to the FCC indicated that the public largely believed that the severe consolidation of media ownership had resulted in harm to diversity, localism, and competition in media, and was harmful to the public interest. Bray joined the Commission in 2013 as Chief Information Officer and quickly announced goals of modernizing the FCC's legacy information technology (IT) systems, citing 200 different systems for only 1750 people a situation he found "perplexing". Hennock (D-NY) was the first female commissioner of the FCC.The FCC regulates broadcast stations, repeater stations as well as commercial broadcasting operators who operate and repair certain radiotelephone, television and radio stations.