Give yourself to god no dating Camera voyeur animaux

18 Dec

Jesus says in When we keep our relationship with God as the most important relationship in our life then we will have supernatural wisdom on how to express true love to other people because the Spirit of love, the Holy Spirit, will guide us.

In every situation that we come together with another person, or a group of people we are to do so in Jesus name.

So how do you determine the best way to love that tough person? If you own your part of the problem, the other person will be more likely to accept your boundaries. Invite them to change – The first step in confronting someone should never be a limit, but always an invitation to change. Warn them – If you just set limits out of the blue, this person may feel ambushed and become angry at you. Patience means providing the ingredients for growth while allowing that person time to respond. Follow through with consequences – Remember that consequences have nothing to do with anger, revenge, or punishment.

Try running your decision through the following principles. They are there to protect you and to help this person deal with the reality of her actions. Practice continual forgiveness – Don’t give negative attitudes a chance to grow – practice forgiveness day by day.

Every relationship should have the purpose of glorifying God, Jesus should always be in the middle of every relationship.

In every relationship a good question to ask yourself is; does this relationship bring me closer to Jesus?

We all have difficult people in our lives, yet God calls us to love them well.

To do this, make all your decisions based on what will best promote the other person’s spiritual and eternal good. These are questions we have to answer if we ever hope to live and love well.

Although life is short, the rewards of loving God, and of letting His love flow through you to other people has infinite benefits that will keep on blessing you, now and forever.Does this relationship bring the other person closer to Jesus?The glory of God is the manifestation and revelation of His love.The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love, is what unifies the Father and Son; they share the same Spirit, making them One in each other.For those who are in Christ Jesus, God also gives us the precious gift of His Holy Spirit, to be with us and in us forever.