Ground rules speed dating

05 Jan

If your current car does not include that, consider it a must-have on your next purchase.And here is a list of The 14 Sports Cars to Buy Now.On wet roads, sudden changes of speed or direction can cause your tires to lose grip.If you head into a rain-soaked curve too hot and work the brakes and steering wheel to overcompensate, you’ll be putting yourself in real danger.For more great car and smart driving tips, here are the 5 Tips for Starting a Car Collection.There are many outdated notions about safe and smart driving, none more ubiquitous than the old-fashioned “ten-and-two” rule.

Today, many cars are equipped with adjustable pedal clusters which makes it easy to find your optimal driving position.

For those of us who truly love driving, it’s always frustrating to have to cope with all of the clueless, distracted, and un-safe drivers that clog America’s streets, highways, and expressways.

They’re everywhere—tailgaters, passing-lane squatters, cell phone talkers, oblivious drifters—and they make you wonder why we hand out driver’s licenses as a right rather than a well-earned privilege.

And with your arms extended fully, slightly bent at the elbows, you are also much more dialed in to the driving experience, with better control and feel.

Height-challenged drivers may need to compromise due to the difficulty of reaching the pedals while maintaining proper distance from the wheel.