Herpes and dating stories

23 Jan

I think that having herpes makes you cherish a relationship more and you know that what you have is real.See, for us, there is NO casual dating but only the real thing.When i first was told i had caught genital herpes I was devastated.

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I didn't date for a while - nearly 2 years until i had my head around it all and my outbreaks were getting fewer in between each one.

I would feel so guilty and terrible he got herpes from me, but at least he was told. I had an ex of 1.5 years cheat on me and the ONE (first time) we didnt use a condom I got herpes. I told my best friend after a year and she introduced me to a friend of hers who had it ...

Anyway, the moral of the story is, yes, even with herpes you can find somenoe who is perfect and will treat you like the queen or king that you are and you CAN have a sexual relationship. It took som time getting used to but I dont ever remember it being so good. (Sorry for any mis-spellings the spell check disappeared) HI, that's a lovely and very positive story. It takes time to get that "ok " with it all so you are doing brilliantly! in fact, her words to me "thank god, i thought there was something serious wrong with you!

I only take anti virals when i feel an outbreak coming - my arms ache, i know i'm run down or stressed so i'm more wary of each twinge.

We have sex without protection whenever my monthly cycle allows and I know i'm symptom free.