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07 Nov

If you wish to pay your home loan sooner by switching to principal and interest repayments, you can do so without paying a switch fee, by contacting us on 132 558 and we’ll talk through your options.

Variable Interest Rate Home Loans Paying off the principal and the interest on your home loan For the moment your repayments will remain the same.

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Westpac will also adjust interest only rates for variable home loans as follows: Switching from interest only to principal and interest repayments We offer lower interest rates to customers who make principal and interest repayments to encourage them to pay down their debt and own their home faster.

The repayments will change from the first repayment date after the interest rate change becomes effective.

Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans Your repayments are not affected by interest rate changes during the fixed period of your home loan.

Each January we do an annual review of your repayments having regard to any interest rates changes during the prior year.

We may do an additional review if interest rates change significantly during a year.