Internal database error occurred saving updating

05 Nov

Async Task.done(Async at concurrent. Future Task.finish Completion(Future at concurrent. Future Exception(Future at concurrent. Future at concurrent. Thread Pool Worker(Thread Pool at concurrent.

Because CBL should not return null object in this case. Code which is used is like: It was using prepared sqlite statements outside of the protected thread sqlite3_step is *not* threadsafe unless the connection is compiled with thread safety The way I solved it is simply by making both connections fully thread safe (serialized mode) The tricky thing is, it is not actually corrupt necessarily.If Adobe is unable to detect the network status by that time, Adobe ID screen is skipped.Improving your Internet connectivity fixes the problem.We release new version with 1.3.1-16 (previous was 1.2.1).On Android 5 and 6 we get this error with malformed database (on 7 we use forest DB).