Is gretchen from real housewives dating

10 Oct

“A year ago last November, a simple cold put Gray back in ICU on a ventilator, which triggered a series of setbacks that he has been unable to recover from,” Michelle Arroyo, Grayson’s mother, has revealed on a website created in his name.and Gretchen Rossi talked about the situation a few times.What do you think of Gretchen Rossi’s attendance at Sundance?Do you think Slade should go be with his son more than he is, especially since he is struggling so much these days?Jeff received medical care at City of Hope hospital in Orange County; the reason why Gretchen became primary care taker. She is still listed as an agent at her company, Surterre Properties.She doesn't appear to have any active listings at the moment.It doesn't appear that he and Gretchen made it to the altar.

Her co-stars were skeptical because Slade had already dated two other housewives. Rossi is already planning on having a child with him, and they have been undergoing IVF treatments.He asked that she quit working to take care of him and supported her in exchange.I can understand this: being a full time caretaker of a terminally ill person really is a full time job.It is no secret that Tamra Barney has attacked Slade over his parenting before.“The year of 2015 seemed to follow suit with one complicated infection after another.