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08 Jun

He switched from "Blue" side Navy to "Green" side Navy.He is considered by his fellow Marines as one of their own.I sat in my office last Thursday and read his perspective on Viet Nam.Keep in mind, Ive known Major Stutler for 10 years. What hes shared with the newspaper is just a glimpse of some of the things this man has seen and done.He is approaching his first year of service and is now stationed with the Marines on a base in Okinawa as an RP (Religious Program Specialist).

As a result of that meeting, and later a marriage, I was born in 1969 in Providence, RI.

They directed their hatred towards those who served.

It breaks my heart to hear of accounts of disrespect towards the men and women who served our country during this era.

They usually focus on honoring one era and this year is the Viet Nam war veterans.

We struggled this year to find a Viet Nam veteran who wanted to talk about their experience with the newspaper. Weve been honored in the past to hear Gary Dykes accounts of the war. So since weve done Gary and we were turned down a couple of times, I turned to someone who I greatly respect, but I knew he would decline.