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06 Dec

For now we’ll use the quick-and-dirty ‘code transformation’. This class also has a single method Save File To Library that takes the site url, library name, html content and file name as parameters.

I mentioned earlier also how easy it is to develop for SP 2010 using VS 2010.

It needs to have the fully qualified assembly name.

I have renamed it to Custom Content Publish Feature.

Double click on it bring up the Feature properties editor. This class will encapsulate our ‘logic’ to generate HTML from our list item.

For this to work, each of the child lists should begin with the same content. It will fire on the following events: Item Added Item Updated Item Deleting I created a list called Configuration in the main source site.

In that list I created 3 columns: Title, Value and Description As shown above, I created 3 list items: Synch Source List Synch Dest Lists Synch Dest Sites Each of the destination lists have the same name, so I didn't need to list 3 separate destination list names.