Jaheim who is he dating

21 Jan

“I have been in the game for 22 years so I cannot say that I am underrated but I am not with the major industry anymore,” he said. Of course, those negatives have also taught him exactly how to not treat people.“Without everything I have been through I would not be where I am today,” he explained.Essence.com: And what’d you like to tell your fans?Jaheim: Get this album for all your people and I promise they will appreciate you for it. I’m the one who’s gonna hold it down for you guys for the next 10 to 20 years, giving you nothing but just solid albums.Essence.com: Well, your fans love you, so keep putting it down. I was at a studio practicing for a production I was in and one of my friends said, ‘Jaheim, Luther is downstairs.’ I thought he was playing but he wasn’t. I said, ‘I am somebody now, cause Luther knows me.’ That was the greatest moment I ever had inside of this business so far.Speaking of which, what has been your craziest fan encounter? I got downstairs as soon as I could and he was right there. ’ But he ignored me, so I called him again, I said, ‘Luther’ And he ignored me again. Essence.com: He was looking right at you and didn’t say anything? Essence.com: So did you and he talk afterwards—you know smooth voice to smooth voice?Ever since being hailed Generation Next’s Teddy Pendegrass, the velvet-voiced balladeer has given voice to those tongue-tied men who need a good song to express their deep feelings.However, after three albums exalting the joys and perils of ghetto life, Jaheim has abandoned his “balladeer of the hood” title to expand his musical horizons with his fourth release, . I don’t call myself a teddy bear because that is Teddy Pendergrass.

Essence.com: So you practiced to sound like Luther?Was the omission of “ghetto” this time around deliberate? I have been claiming the ghetto for almost eight years. Jaheim: It’s a hell of a job, and it ain’t easy to satisfy the world with your blood, sweat and tears. Some people do it for the money and I do it because I have loyal fans. Essence.com: So you owe it all to your loyalists, huh?When you claim the ghetto, people treat you that way and it’s time for a change. Now it’s about infidelity too because cheating is real. I’ll be frank: I don’t get paid a lot of money to do these records. Jaheim: Music is depreciating so much right now, so I have to stick around.Either way, he had a slew of celebs and fans behind him, and sold a great deal of albums in the process.While Ocean may be the first R&B singer to openly talk about his preference (he never defined if he was gay or bisexual), in the past, some artists have waited to reveal their sexual preferences, had speculation surround them for their entire careers or had their sexuality used as a way to get attention.