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12 Oct

I have a soft spot for animals so the ASPCA was an easy choice. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is pretty awesome about being involved in the Positivity bracelet, and I am sending them a bunch of bracelets to use for their fundraising efforts at the Maryland chapter.

My half-sister is autistic, and I also get so many requests for these. If you are wearing a really big piece -- necklace, bracelet, or ring -- that should be the main attraction. If you are just wearing little pieces, then go according to your style. If you are walking out the door and you are questioning, then take something off. OK, are you ready for the lightning round of questions?

, I know less about Lauren Bedford Russell than many of you do (or think you do), I imagine. As a crack journalist, I set about researching her. Every year, I am evolving and becoming a different, better person. We did a kind of re-launch just for the TV show, and they were great featuring the line big time in the first episode. It's a boutique line, and there's a nice price range for anyone, from up to ,000 or more.

When I got the chance to interview her recently, I was excited. I knew she was dating Kiyomi Mc Closkey (in fact, Lauren was sitting on the couch in the background when I interviewed Kiyomi last year). Or, rather, as a blogger, I grabbed a craft beer and my laptop. Characteristic wise I am very loyal, I stick to people and I don't let them go. Custom rings can be whatever price the design requires. [.] Designed to go with the clothing that I wear, edgy, black, leather, chains.

I just showed them whatever I had: An honest relationship with my mom, a great relationship with my girlfriend, and a love for music and my bandmates.”Vero is still with her girlfriend, Katie Murphy, and is happy to have met a lot of “amazing people” through her time on reality TV.“Even though the show has ended I want to share my appreciation to the fans who have checked in on me.

I am from La Jolla, and went to college at University of Arizona majoring in communications (they didn't have a jewelry major). It was a long process to figure out where I wanted to live. But the customer can get an amazing custom piece for as low as ,000... Your work has a decidedly sexy aesthetic -- the chains call to mind bondage. The first thing that was important for me what to design the line to be in an area that hasn't been done before, or not that much. I don't overdress, but it's about looking cool and edgy.

I went to the GIA [Gemological Institute of America] a few years later. My first job was at a jewelry store in Beverly Hills. [She finally settled on NY and lives in Brooklyn.] My jewelry line is going really well. My favorite part is working with the client to design something for them.

Now, I am starting to incorporate a lot of yellow gold and rose gold.

nk bought my black diamond body chain from Kiki de Montparnasse Soho(NYC) recently.

The campaign came to me to ask if I wanted to do it.