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18 Mar

This section will help to guide professionals who teach adults in literacy programs as well as the adults themselves who want to start on a path to improve their literacy skills.Read articles The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) protects adults with disabilities including learning disabilities (LD) in higher education programs and employment.Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers.Amazon Smile Foundation will donate a portion of your purchases to benefit LDA.Learning Disabilities Association of America created the Healthy Children Project to raise awareness, promote policies and practices, and to build a nationwide network of LDA members to protect children's health and reduce toxic exposures.

It is generally one of the first steps in determining if a child has a learning disability.Kotkamills in Finland converted its paper machine into a unique board machine.The new machine was designed for a wide variety of products.This section contains an overview of how these laws and others can protect the civil rights of adults with LD.Read articles Disclosure in the workplace is a question many adults with LD ask.