Liquidating business ireland

21 Mar

The companies said the offer will be valid till stocks last or up to 31 March."These are unheard of discounts ever in the two-wheeler industry," Federation of Automobile Dealers (FADA) past president and Director-International Affairs Nikunj Sanghi said.

When asked about what actions were dealers taking following the apex court verdict, he said: "Our energy is focused on selling as much stock as possible before the deadline.

On the commercial vehicles front, Ashok Leyland said it wasn't offering discounts on any of its vehicles."Our products are in good demand and we will not be offering any price discounts," a company spokesperson said.

Mahindra & Mahindra said it is working on various options to work within the framework provided by the court order.

Our people are calling up potential customers informing them about the offers."He said the dealership community was hoping for some relief from the court in the form of more time to sell their stocks but with that not happening, the focus has shifted to liquidating the stocks.

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