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19 Dec

MORE: Homeowner wanted in Caldwell triple homicide investigation Michelle Holbrook, who has known Nadja and her daughter for years, said Nadja and Bullinger had been dating for more than two years. Nadja, an immigrant from Germany, was a massage therapist, Holbrook said, while Bullinger worked as a commercial pilot.

Holbrook said Bullinger was a father figure to Payton, and treated both the 14-year-old and her mother "like princesses."Around January, her friend began making plans to move with Bullinger to Caldwell to be closer to his work, she said."On May 3, they messaged me that they were getting ready to go," Holbrook said.

In this nesting territory, male #206 wears a yellow tag which represents the 200 studbook series and female #513 wears a black tag which represents the 500 studbook series.

Every California condor in the southern California flock has been tagged and sexed.

Back to Top No, this is the first time that male #206 and female #513 have been featured on the California Condor cam.

This pair used this nest site during their first nesting attempt in 2015.

Upon hatch, every condor is assigned a number which acts as a way to identify each individual.

Back to Top The parent’s names, or in fact numbers, represent their studbook number.

How old are the adults and how long have they been together? How can you tell which one is the male and which one is the female? How old are the adults and how long have they been together? Was this condor pair featured on Cornell’s Bird Cams before? Could this year’s chick suffer the same fate as those from past years? In August, when nestling #793 was 4-months old, the camera went live to the public on Bird Cams.Put yourself on Waikiki Beach and other spots in and around Honolulu with these live web cams.CALDWELL -- Friends of a Utah woman and her teenage daughter who moved to Idaho last month say their fears are mounting that the pair are among three people found dead in a shed outside a Caldwell home earlier this week. Back to Top It’s very difficult to tell males from females. The only sure ways to tell the sexes apart are to see certain behaviors such as copulation or egg-laying, or by using a DNA test. The California Condor International Studbook is maintained and prepared by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.