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17 Oct

If you eventually pay this site, your credit information could be stolen as well! Many sites (especially new ones that have just started up) pad their membership database with photos of models or random (usually good-looking people) to attract new members. This is an invitation to a spam and junk-mail nightmare. Usually, there will be graphical banners or icons next to the names of their associations. If you detect this in a dating site, it is better to leave than to take a chance with a dishonest site.

A nicely designed site means careful construction and a better chance of good quality code running the site in the background. Look at some sample profiles on the site before you sign up by running a quick search. Do the profiles have a lot of jibberish characters or nonsensical phrases in the descriptions? Also look for some sort of a web site rules page or a terms of use page. This is just a short list of ideas to help keep you safe when dating online.

As more and more dating sites pile up on the web, more people are ending up with very distasteful experiences because of this. 99% of today's (and tomorrow's) dating sites do not screen their members at all.

This means there are sex offenders, predators, scam artists mixed in with genuine people who are looking to find a match. Is it poorly constructed with missing graphics or jagged fonts, mis-aligned sections?

That means the dating site you are at does NOT screen the people who sign up. You should get out of there immediately and go to one that does. Check to see if they screen their profiles or somehow disallow racial, hate or overly sexual material.

“Like Amazon, this company thrives off the growth of its “virtual community.” “Also like Amazon, this company has been growing like gangbusters!They are everywhere, they are dating sites, and more are opening up shop every day. More and more people are signing up to these new and "free" dating sites.What they are really getting is a place on the web where they can post their profile and let strangers contact them.recommendation from David Gardner a few days ago, and they haven’t done a lot of hinting of late for those picks so my ears did perk up a little.The Thinkolator does love a challenge, but it requires a bit of something to chew on (more than just the “Fool just doubled down” ads we saw a few weeks ago — our readers discussed that and thought it was probably Illumina, but I can’t confirm that because the ads didn’t include any specific hints).