Microsoft outlook updating conflicts

30 Sep

If Outlook keeps disabling the i Cloud add-in, see i Cloud Doesn't Sync We're seeing a lot of questions (and complaints) about Apple's i Cloud service and it's integration with Microsoft Outlook.

i Cloud is supported in current versions of Outlook and with Office 365 subscriptions.

Automatically notify meeting organizer of a conference room conflict in Microsoft Outlook 2016 before sending an invite as It would save a lot of time and effort in reoccurring as well as one off meeting organizer.

Note that an Oracle CRM On Demand update overwrites all fields in the corresponding Microsoft Outlook item, not just the updated fields.Once renamed, those folders will be displayed in your IMAP e-mail application correctly.can somebody tell me how to rectify this I am getting this message from Microsoft ----- One or more folders in your mailbox have name conflicts with others or system reserved names.can somebody tell me how to rectify this If the messages are "from Microsoft" then can we assume it's an Outlook or Hotmail account?If so, then go to the website, log into your email account there and rename the offending folders. I'm pretty sure my outlook and Hotmail accounts have Junk folders.