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Generally met with favourable reviews, Created by David Hollander, it followed the life of Dr.Nathaniel Grantーa renowned heart surgeon who finds himself struggling to balance his personal life with his work at the hospital.As a teen, she attended the private, all-girls catholic high school, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in her native California.During her years as a student, she was known for carpooling to school with her close friends.With a little bit of luck, she eventually landed a part in the drama film, when she was only nine years old.Although her role was small and minor, it ultimately served to get her foot in the door as a budding child actress.Despite this however, Golightly had always much preferred the performing arts; even as a young girl, she loved to dance and perform in the house.

Although her time on the show wrapped up back in 2011, it remains to be one of Golighty’s most remembered roles on television. 1-14 30 Jan 10 My Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be in Trouble 15. 1-26 21 Aug 10 The Next Stop: Lakewood Season 2 27. Starring Timothy Hutton, Randy Quaid, Kari Matchett and Hamish Linklater, it revolved around a physics professor named J. Neumeyers who finds documents in a briefcase about his forthcoming deathーthat he will die in five days.Met with mostly positive reviews upon its release, ran for a total of four days and spanned five hours altogether.