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22 Jun

They sat down and wanted to know why I was so sad looking.

I told them about Synanon, the brainwashing, cruelty,violence and my hope to get 3 children out.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.I always thought plants made more sense than flowers because they could live a long time. That they were young and girls may have something to do with it.As I approached D-day in the plan to rescue the Butler children in June of 1978 I became so concentrated that the world around me was nonexistent.But I did know that the rest of my life could be emotionally flat due to such an experience. During the Golden State Manor case I received a clue that Synanon would follow by the ironic selection by the defense for their expert Dr.I realized because a loved one had fled in fear I might need danger for emotional attachment. Keith Ditman who in August of l957 had given the LSD to Charles Dederich from which experiences Dederich would later claim the concept of Synanon came into vision.