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12 Nov

By contrast, a single undercover person tracking hand washing behavior was only 63 per cent accurate in detecting if a person complied with hand washing standards.

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Read the MDPD's BWC Policy Members of the public wishing to request BWC footage, please visit the Miami-Dade Police Public Records Center. The cameras are worn for greater accountability and to capture the officer's encounters and interactions with others. Dr Philip Polgreen, a researcher based at the University of Iowa who was not involved in the study, told New Scientist that he has used wearable technology to monitor hand hygiene and make discoveries that would not have been possible with human observers alone.He found that in larger groups, people were more likely to follow the correct procedures and there were some people who were more important than others for controlling the problem.In the depth-based images that the camera takes, each pixel represents how far away the person is, and the color of the person or the environment can't be seen - people appear as blobs and privacy is respected.For the first part of their study, the researchers collected images from an acute care pediatric unit and an adult intensive care unit.