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In 1870 Oregon suffragists began the arduous fight for the vote; in 1912 Oregon woman achieved suffrage, and in 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, which allowed most U. While all were equally important, the movement in China was of specific interest for Chinese American and American woman suffrage groups in Portland, Oregon.

On September 27, 1912 the Oregon Journal had published an article documenting a speech given by Dr. He began his speech with an abrasive tone stating that, “The stupidity of the circumstance which gives votes to men of whatever class, and denies the right of franchise to women, has grown so intolerable.” Aked then stated, “You Americans, except in six states of the union…

place her [woman] below the Chinamen, Greeks, and negroes in the matter of political suffrage…

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Therefore, suffrage became a goal that was shared by women across racial and national boundaries. Chan, who was not only a physician, but also the president of a local equal suffrage society for Chinese women in Oregon.

However, national suffrage was not officially won in China until 1947.

It is possible that supporters of Chinese suffrage saw the abdication of the last Qing ruler, Hsuan Tung, on February 12, 1912, as a precursor for national suffrage.

Oregon woman suffragists were optimistic about the Chinese woman suffrage movement, but that did not mean that they received or reported an accurate representation of the Chinese suffrage story.

In Oregon, supporters of woman suffrage approached the Chinese movement two ways; one was characterized by racism, and the other by a vision of equality. Aked titled, “Scores Men for Denying Women Right of Ballot.” The Reverend Aked, visiting from Great Britain, used this opportunity to express his discontent with the United States’ current treatment of women.