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03 Nov

So you might want to use a page that you don't have all girls as friends on it. Now by this time you should know if you like her personality and get what she likes. Don't say how pretty she is or how she has a nice ass.Ok now off to how to find and get the girl of your dreams off Facebook. Step 2: Read through her whole page, read what she has in her info, read what she likes to do, likes to watch, and then go read all her posts and how she interacts with her friends. Comment on her post and be intelligent and funny and charming. We don't like guys who try to hard to be funny all the time.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind, or join the group converation.At this point, government folks run just about neck and neck with students/former students as the largest category of my Facebook friends, and I really believe Facebook is a very easy-to-use, low-cost way to create social bonds among people who don't see each other all the time, which in the context of government can really be helpful in a world calling for more and more cross-organizational collaboration.However, I think (not sure) I have discovered a very sophisticated Facebook scam, and wanted to warn blog readers about it -- and also ask if anybody else has been hit by the same thing.First, make sure all your photos are of you and delete any photos of other girls you or one of your buddies posted.Second, if in your friends list is all half naked chicks us girls see that and go oh, pig.