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08 Sep

In the past year or two God has brought one special phrase from Scripture into sharp focus in my life, again and again.The phrase I’m talking about is that innocuous passage we read in the more narrative parts of the Bible: “In the fullness of time…” I am not a patient person. But one thing God keeps doing to nudge me closer to is remind me of His always-just-in-time calendar of events.The passage of a year or two will give you time to work through the issues cited above, and you’ll be in a better position to look for love again.

“I always tell people they need to develop that muscle, figure out what went wrong the first time, and fix that before you start looking for somebody else.” Most often it’s wise to wait and be single for a while before leaping back into the dating fray.

” Once we’ve honestly asked ourselves that question, we must be willing to take ownership for our part in the failed marriage.

“Even if you think it was all his fault, or all her fault, it still takes two to get married and it takes two to make a divorce,” says Whedbee.

Ask God to give you spiritual insight into the areas of your life that you’ve been blinded to up till now. “If you know who you are and the person you’re dating does not, then you’re not on the same spiritual level and they’ll know it right off the bat,” says Whedbee.

Consider asking a trustworthy friend what are your best—and worst—traits. “If you do know all this and are still having issues, you’re probably finding men (or women) who don’t know who they are yet.” Divorced: Getting Over the Blame Game For those who have lived through a divorce, Whedbee’s advice takes a different—and perhaps more painful—tack: one of asking ourselves the big question, “What went wrong?