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19 Oct

Association of AD and behavioural difficulties could induce more severe AD and risk of low self-efficacy for management (11).In another study, it was shown that patient education, as an adjunct to treatment, improves quality of life (QOL) and reduces disease severity.Also another study showed that a brief triple-P parenting intervention with education can lead to significant benefits in AD such as quality of life.

European experts have recommended bathing no more than three times weekly, especially in newborns (2, 14).Occasionally, topical steroids or calcineurin inhibitors are used for relief of skin manifestations.Rarely, systemic immunosuppressants, such as steroid, are consumed in severe or refractory AD.Lukewarm (not hot) soaking baths lasting 10 - 20 minutes are ideal (5, 13).The temperature of water should be warm (not hot) to prevent both vasodilation, which can trigger pruritus.